Spring Pole Kit - Large Dogs up to 60 Kg


• for dogs upto 130lbs

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Product information

Heavy Duty Spring Pole Spring for Dogs  - (Large dogs from 35Kg to 60Kg)

1 x Spring (Both ends of the spring have double loops)
1 x 3 meters of webbing
1 x Fire Hose Tug

Probably the Best Spring Pole Spring in the World

The dog should be trained to grip the tug and pull - the dog should not chew the tug

This spring pole has been specially designed for larger & heavier dogs to use the spring pole safely, without damaging the spring or for the dog.


The spring pole should be low enough for the dogs back legs to be able to reach the ground at all times. They shouldn't be able to dangle off the floor as they may loose grip and fall injuring themselves.  Make sure there's enough room around the spring pole so he doesn't injure himself by banging into something, as they do swing around on it.

The spring pole if used correctly will work the muscles in his jaw, neck, shoulders and back as he tugs and shakes the toy.  However it will only work these muscles if the back legs are on the floor at all times.  You should always supervise your dog exercising to prevent accidents or over exertion.A Stafford will exercise until exhausted as they are always willing to please so you need to decide when your dog has had enough.

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Mark Clapham -

Best spring pole spring on the market!

neil brownbil -

Thank you for the spring the dog loves it