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Flexi Life Gold

In this supplement we don’t only focus on the prevention of joint problems, but also light to moderate damage will be repaired. The cartilage is restored, the synovial fluid fed, and muscles lying around are strengthened. In that way, Flexi Life Gold works as well preventive as restorative. This supplementary feed also contains a high dose of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients that make the body of your animal healthy again in many other ways.


  • Supports the joints
  • Restores damaged hair
  • Inhibiting inflammation
  • Improves mobility

This supplement goes a little further than the Junior Mix because it does not only prevent joint problems, but by the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin, also recovers slight damage of the joints. For dogs that experience pain by their joint problems, we recommend the Flexi Life Platinum Mix.

The Flexi Life Line is based on natural products that are in no way cause damage to the body. The supportive and restorative properties are only visible after some time (depending on the animal), because the concentration in the body needs to be built.

In this Gold Mix, just as the Junior Mix, beer yeast is present. This ingredient will initially protect the joints, but will also take care of the eyes and prevents cataract. It also nourishes the skin intensively and restores hair loss and damaged hair. The purifying and nourishing action of beer yeast remedies itching and gives your pet back his shiny and healthy coat. In addition, selenium protects your animal against heart disease, stroke and cancer. The ability to combat aging is also a powerful tool for reducing joint wear, and if possible to avoid joint problems. Another effect of beer yeast is to increase the production of antibodies so that your pet will get a higher resistance.

Green-lipped mussel is also present in this supplement and improves the joints and keeps them healthy so your pet is able to move in a painless and natural way. The joints are protected against hard labor and intense pressures so the wear is inhibited. In addition, injured and painful joints by trauma, can be greatly or complete improved. The properties of green-lipped mussel make this a good and safe way to treat and prevent joint problems.

Still similar to the Junior Mix is the presence of MSM. This nutrient has both preventive and therapeutic properties to improve mobility and reduce pain. MSM also has muscle improvement properties that strengthens the capsule around the joints so it’s better protected.

The last common component file is turmeric, it protects the chondrocytes (cartilage cells) against negative reactions of the body around the joints. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin (shark cartilage) are two components of the Flexi Life Gold Mix that are not present in the Junior Mix. It are these two additives that are responsible for the reflexive operation of this product. They care for the regeneration of new cartilage and bone tissue which accelerates the process of innovation, and strengthens the formed cartilage. In addition, it supports the collagen manufacture, which ensures a good lubrication of the joint. These movement poles of the body become more supple, more shock resistant and any further wear is slowed.

Because shark cartilage prevents the formation of new blood vessels, it will also reduce the inflammation of joint problems and induce significant improvements. The effects of this dietary supplement provide an illuminating effect which again enables the animal to move in a normal way.

On the other hand it also helps to repair damaged cartilage. Hereby, the joints will be supported and the quality of the cartilage will considerably improve.

This combined supplement is formulated that way that it not only protects the joints and prevents possible damage and wear, but it also restores existing cracks in the cartilage. In this way the joints of your pet are nourished, protected and minor damage is being repaired.


  • 2/3 gr /20kg body weight; per day. This is approximately a 50 day supply. 


  • Beer yeast
  • Greenlipped mussel
  • MSM
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroïtine from invertebrates
  • Turmuric
  • Humidity: 2,4%
  • Raw proteins: 38,58%
  • Raw fat: 0,32%

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