Beta Carotene - Pigment Enhancer and vitamin supplement

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This product is concentrated and must be diluted into Salmon Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sheeps Fat, Coconut Oil or any other type of oil that you wish to use in your dogs diet. This supplement is oily so it will not mix with water. It can be fed directly to the dog or mixed into food.

  • Improves pigment in Red/Tan/Fawn/Choclate Coats
  • Imporoves the health of skin and coat
  • Packed with Vitamin A and Anti Oxidants 
  • Liqiuid form for better absorbtion
  • For Dogs/Horses/Cats
  • 1 30ml bottle must be diluted into a minimum of 3 litres of oil for best results.
  • For a dog up to 30kg 1-2(5ml) teaspoons of the diluted mixture should be used per day 
  • Some adjustment of dose will be required depending on size and coat length of the dog.
  • If the colour of the stool changes decrease the dose. 
  • Approximately a year supply with an average sized Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd.

Additional Information:

Carotene is a substance that is found in many vegetables. It is found for example in carrots and gives an orange color. It is important for the conversion of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the carbohydrate under the influence of light.

Beta-carotene is a precursor (also called pro-vitamin A). This means that this is a substance that is required for the production of another substance. In this case, Beta-carotene is necessary for the production of vitamin A. Carotene is also found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, Carrots and Mangos which contain a lot of Beta-carotene. It is an antioxidant and neutralizes dangerous substances. It is a safe form of vitamin A.  There can be no hypervitaminosis A ( too much of vitamin A) with a high intake of this carotene. This will be automatically be slowed down when there is a too high intake.

Since the body cannot create vitamin A by itself, it has to be inserted through the food. Since vitamin A leaves the body in small amounts (like food),  you need, if you want to stay healthy, always take new and fresh vitamin A in.

Carotene provides a good resistance (increase in production of lymphocytes, and increases the activity of the T-cell and B cell) and is very important for vision. In addition it supports healthy bones, teeth, gums and skin. It will also assist in the functioning of the retina and cornea of the eye (to see better at dusk) and ensures a healthy appearance of the mucosa. Beta-carotene has a beneficial effect on the skin and especially to obtain a better pigment. With dogs can you become a deeper red color of the coat. Dogs that need to have good results in the show, will score by a more intense color using this product. Horses and cats will get a darker color of coat and shine more. With a shortage of beta carotene your pet will show one low resistance, dry and flaky skin and dull hair.

We provide the beta-carotene in liquid form. As a result, there is a better absorption in the body of the active substances. Can be given to large and small dogs, cats and horses. The content of the bottle is 30 ml. It is recommended to administrate 0.3 ml per day per +/- 30 kg. You can blend the beta-carotene with other products, for example, sheep fat or salmon oil, definitely not water. 1 bottle of beta-carotene must be spread over 3 liters. It is also recommended to not administrate more than recommended. The product is too concentrated for this

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